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CIRCUITOR- Distributor Of Circutor In Uae

CVM-NRG 96 System Analyzer


  • Panel mounted electrical system analyzer (96 x 96 mm) which measures, calculates and displays the main electrical parameters in balanced and unbalanced three-phase systems
  • Slim line analyzer (only 50 mm deep)
  • Power demand meter function (A / A III / kW III / kV•A III)
  • Current reading using external transformers .../5A (insulated inputs, according to type)
  • Option for measuring in Low and Medium Voltage systems
  • RS-485 communication (MODBUS RTU)
  • Compatible with the Power Studio / Scada system
  • 4 line backlit LED display
  • Allows selection of default page
  • Universal power supply available in "Plus" type & Medium Voltage Systems
  • RS-485 communication (MODBUS RTU)

Power Factor Regulator Computer MAX Series


The state-of-the-art regulators of the MAX Series have been designed to offer simple and efficient regulation features. The whole range of computer regulators is based on CIRCUTOR's FCP system (Fast Computerized Program), offering a set of unique performance features. Its main features are as follows:
  • Shows by display: cos Ø, voltage, current, THD(I) and, besides, records in memory maximum values for voltage and current provides the "phase selection" function, that allows the user choosing the power line phase where the measuring current transformer (C.T.) has been placed in allows viewing in display the variation of cos Ø, line current and THD(I), when manually connecting or disconnecting capacitor steps.
  • Indication by display or through relay output of following alarm conditions: Compensation failure,
  • Over-compensation, Over-voltage, Over-current, C.T. not connected or open, Line current below measurable value.

Current Measuring Transformers


Current Measuring Tranformers are specifically designed for their use in those places with a limited free space for their installation such as close to circut-breakers and any position with a minimum seperation space between the bus bars,
  • Easy Installation procedure
  • Ideal for circut breaker output side
  • High accuracy

Earth Leakage Relay - RN Series


Display Mechanism IDn A Delay(s) Type Code
LED Electronic 0,03...5 0,02...5 RN-R P12132

Electrical features

Auxiliary power supply 230 V a.c. (± 20%) 50 ... 60 Hz
Output contacts 250Va.c. 6 A
Operating temperature -10°C/+50°C

Mechanical features

Mounting DIN rail
Dimensions 2 modules
Weight 163 g
Protection grade Terminals IP 20, Front side: IP 41
Standards IEC 61008-1, IEC 755, IEC 255-5


Differential Transformer WN Series

Weight Useful diameter 0(mm) Type Code
148 g 35 0 WN-35 P10211
281 g 70 0 WN-70 P10212
433 g 105 0 WN-105 P10213
574 g 140 0 WN-140 P10214
1.201g 2100 WN-210 P10215