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General accesories

Ammeter Selector Switch

4 Position Ammeter Selector Switch
7 Position Voltmeter Selector Switch

DC power supply

  • Din rail mountable
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Industrial housing
  • Available in 5A,10A, 20A with 12V and 24VDC

Form 4 Busbar Insulator 3P and 4P

Properties Unit Value
Density g/cm³ 1.35
Tensile strength N/mm² 180
Elongation at break % 3

Tensile modulus of elasticity

N/mm² 11500
Impact strength charpy +23°c KJ/m² > 70
Impact strength charpy -40°c KJ/m² > 70
Other datas
Melting temperature °C 214
Max operating temp permanent °C 160
Tensile strength °C 200
Elongation at break °C 215

Tensile modulus of elasticity

% 1.9-2.4
Electrical data
Surface resistance Ohm 10¹²
Di-electric strength Ohm°cm 1015
Di-electric loss factor tan § --- 0.024
Creepage factor --- 450

Digital Measuring Instruments


  • Digital Ammeter
  • Digital Voltmeter
  • Digital Energy Meter
  • Digital Multi Function Meter

Panel Buzzer

Buzzer CBZ-10.
Available in 12V,24V,110V and 220V.

Buzzer CBZ-20 .
Available in 12V,24V,110V and 220V

Buzzer CBZ-30.
Available in 12V,24V,110V and 220V

Copper & Brass Products

Cable Gland BW & CW
Available Sizes
20S,20L TO 75S,75L

Copper Lugs
Available Sizes
2.5Sqmm x M5 to 630Sqmm x 21D

Copper Bush
Available sizes